When a PBN isn’t a PBN

What is a PBN? In commonly used SEO circles these days, a PBN is a Private Blog Network. A network of sites that is built for the purpose of building links to other sites, to boost their rankings in Google (.. and other searches engines for that 5% of non Googlers!) PBNs have worked amazingly well at getting sites ranked … Read More

SiWhen a PBN isn’t a PBN

WordPress 4.0 Launches September 4th 2014

WordPress 4.0

I can’t help but get a bit excited when a major new WordPress version is launched. I remember using WordPress back at version 1.4. Its come a heck of a long way since then! Ever since the 3.8 version in particular I have found it a pleasure to use and this version 4.0 release ‘Benny’ is a great improvement for … Read More

SiWordPress 4.0 Launches September 4th 2014